Know Before You Go

Remote Weather Cams in Our Areas

Our cameras take a picture every 10 mins and post to the web.
Watch the playback of the last 10 hrs to see conditions progress.
Please give the camera a wipe-off if riding on the mountain.


Situated at 6500 feet this camera gives us great views on weather conditions at the very top of the mountain. Stick around at this great lunch spot to get your picture taken while on the hill.


Who’s all riding?  Or skipping out on the work day?! Check out how busy it is at the parking lot in Brookmere. See what the snow condtions are at the lower elevations. This view is at 3188 feet.


Off-grid site at 40km up the Prospect at 5275 feet, this remote site gets us live weather conditions looking in a northeast direction. Watch for new snow before you ride.

Click here for temps at the site.

Mountain Web Cam Feeds Sponsored By:

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8 Other Live Mountain Top Cams in the Area
Provided by the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club

Click the Pic for the LIVE Feeds


Lots of planning went into this.
Thanks to all the volunteers & company’s that helped make this happen.
This was a dream build for the club a couple of years ago and turned into qualifying to be partly funded by a grant with the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation – BCSF
Thanks to Jessie Pierce with Valley Helicopters Ltd. for flying out this new piece of technology into our sledding backcountry.
Cool Tech on board includes:
– This unit will have a camera that takes a photo every 10mins and is uploaded to our Merritt Snowmobile Club website.
– APRS GPS Digi. The ability to forward GPS data from the region from our groomers into the ham radio tracking network.
– Local open WiFi for emergency call out.
– Be a known point in the alpine so SAR crews can recover injured folks from. Has an excellent landing area right next to it.
– Remote monitored for battery health and solar production.


Again thanks to Grant Klassen, Wyatt MacDonald and Simon & Bryson Rizzardo for helping out on-site today. Thanks to David Swoboda for being at the launch spot and keeping trucks from parking in the way. Future add-ons may include internet linking for backcountry BCA radio channel 4, T100 back to Merritt for emergency calls.


Our Thynne Mt Cam was installed 1 week before the floods of 2021. Which led the camera to go offline for 2.5 months with no power to the site. After the power was reinstated we had to replace the camera as water got into the camera during the start of the winter.

This mountain top site has been instrumental in the club joining the new age of pulling web visitors to our site for current conditions. At the last BCSF conference, our webcams have been showcased how to build and lessons learned along the way.

Installation if this site was the learning site for the heated birdhouse design with remote control.  Special thanks to Simon & Bryson Rizzardo, Adam Douthwright, Will Garrick, Dave Cameron, Jesse Lloyd, and Myles Burns for helping setup and visiting the site to keep it running. To all those who stop by to clear the lens off, THANKS !