Honeymoon Area

24km Shelter / Changeroom

As part of our 2022-23 grant funding with the BCSF, MSC had the opportunity to acquire, modify, transport, and set up the incredible “Big Blue” warm-up Shelter at the 24 km prospect junction. This new shelter marks a significant upgrade from our previous unit, providing our members with enhanced comfort and protection. In the fall of 2023, our dedicated members successfully raised the shelter onto blocks, ensuring it remains above the snowy terrain for the upcoming season. Join us at the 24km Shelter / Changeroom and experience the benefits of this remarkable addition firsthand. Together, let’s make unforgettable memories on the sled trails!

Honeymoon Shelter

Nestled in the valley just east of Mt Hewitt Bostock, the Honeymoon shelter isn’t your run-of-the-mill cabin. It’s a slice of living history nestled in the rugged British Columbia backcountry. Erected in ’99, it stands as a testament to the determination of local enthusiasts who hauled tools and equipment via helicopters and horseback to construct this sanctuary. Names like Tracy Senio, Dennis Rogalski, and Royce Alexander have left their indelible marks, their legacy serving as an inspiration for modern-day adventurers to saddle up and create their own tales.

Gloria's Cabin

Located in the very back end of the Honeymoon area this hidden gem is hard to get to in the best of condtions.

Check out the GPS Cords for this remote trappers cabin and just try to find it. You will have an adventure getting there and that’s why we ride isn’t it?  Be sure to ask the locals to show you the way or you may just get lost.

Hooshum Shelter

MSC is pleased to announce that our mobile trailer, previously stationed at 24km, has been thoughtfully relocated to the Hooshum side of things, positioned just off the trail. In line with our commitment to providing optimal experiences for our valued visitors, this relocation serves to expand the offerings of the Hooshum Shelter by introducing an additional warmup spot, particularly beneficial during inclement weather.

Lightning Lake Shelter

Our shelter in the Stoyoma area is a vital refuge for individuals seeking solace during inclement weather conditions. Acting as a recognized rescue point for SAR and the MSC, this mobile trailer serves as a sanctuary and is tremendously beneficial for both off-road enthusiasts and sledders, whether they explore during the summer or winter months. Experience the convenience and security of our Stoyoma shelter, perfect for those seeking respite during their thrilling adventures.

Remote Weather Cams in Our Area

Our cameras take a picture every 10 mins and post to the web.
Watch the playback of the last 10 hrs to see conditions progress.
Please give the camera a wipe-off if riding on the mountain.


Off-grid site at 40km up the Prospect, this remote site gets us weather in the mountains before you ride.

This new remote camera has come cool tech built in. Not only does it send us great pictures every 10mins, this site extends our GPS tracking system that we use with the Kamloops Amature Radio Club. With open WiFi at this site it serves as an emergency communication site and a location that a helicopter can land at to transport out teams for Search and Rescue. Be sure to add this GPS point to your handheld unit.

Click here for temp at the site.

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Honeymoon Riding Area

With its stunning snow-covered landscapes and well-maintained snowmobile trails, this riding area provides the perfect setting for more extreme riding, to embark unforgettable snowmobiling adventure. Whether exploring the enchanting pine forests, gliding across frozen lakes, or admiring the breathtaking vistas from scenic lookout points. Merritt’s Honeymoon riding area promises to create cherished memories for groups seeking big mountain pulls of adrenaline-pumping rides. BE ready for photo ops as every turn, amidst the serene beauty of the British Columbia wilderness will give riders  an extraordinary and enchanting experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.