Tin Shed Shelter

Nestled high in the breathtaking Thynne Mountain area there stands an unassuming structure, known to many as the ‘Tin Shed Shelter.’ It may look humble, but this simple shelter has a profound story to tell.

Our journey into the history of the Tin Shed Shelter commences with its inception in 1950’s Originally, it was constructed to serve as a power generation and diesel storage facility, primarily supporting the operational needs of snowcats for access and providing power for the adjacent microwave tower.

In the early 70’s the generators were moved to the mountain peak repeater site, leaving the generation Tin Shed empty. The local Merritt Snowmobile Club members were very happy to take over the abandoned site and have maintained the site ever since. 

In the early 2000s, significant upgrades were made to the site, including the addition of a covered porch. Volunteers took the initiative to create a wood storage area and construct new steps leading up to the shelter, enhancing its functionality and accessibility.

Tin Shed Shelter is a true testament to simplicity and functionality. Its corrugated metal walls and basic interior design are a reflection of its utilitarian purpose. Notably, its oversized door allows for the easy passage of broken-down sleds, making it a practical and warm refuge for cold sledders seeking shelter and a place to carry out repairs. 

If you happen to be passing by, don’t hesitate to drop in, sign the guest book, capture some memorable photos, and create lasting memories while reminiscing about the day’s adventures with friends.

This structure is situated at an elevation of 1,725 meters and is conveniently positioned right next to the winter snowmobile trail. 

For those looking to pinpoint the Tin Shed Shelter’s precise location, its GPS coordinates are 49°43’49.18″N and 120°55’39.59″W.

As you continue your journey up the mountain from the Tin Shed, you’ll encounter the first great photo spot at the summit near the BC Hydro tower. Take a break here to enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the mountain ranges stretching from Coquihalla to Zoa Mountain and July Mountain in the west, with Big White visible in the far distance to the east.

Ride along the mountain’s ridge to reach the next destination known as the Kids Play Bowl. On days with good snow conditions, even youngsters on ZR200s and SnowScoots 200’s can navigate their way to this spot. It’s an excellent area to hone your sidehill skills within a secure environment.

Riders can proceed by following the telephone poles that serve as road markers. Cat Hill stands out as the hidden treasure within the Thynne Mountain region, located at the end of the pond, just before the road access leading to the rocky terrain. This concealed area offers an exciting opportunity for most riders to explore. Making your way to the hill’s peak will also take you to the summit of Thynne Mountain, where you’ll encounter various microwave repeaters and communication sites.

The Thynne Mountain summit is home to our mountain-top weather camera and serves as the gateway to the challenging Big Bowl, which requires significant horsepower to conquer. This terrain is best suited for advanced riders, and it’s crucial to assess avalanche conditions before descending. Keep in mind that there’s only one way to exit this area, and it’s by retracing the same path you used to enter.

Following a thrilling morning of carving through powder, consider making your way to Andy’s Lake Shelter or taking a break at the Tin Shed for a cozy warm-up and lunch. Andy’s Lake Shelter sits by the lakeside, complete with a fireplace, firewood, and benches for your comfort. You can find Andy’s Lake Shelter at the following coordinates: 49°44’49.21″N 120°55’41.43″W.

Trail Fees: $25 per rider/day, payable at the trailhead or online here: https://sledmerritt.ca/memberships/

Accommodation Recommendation: Merritt, British Columbia, often referred to as the “Country Capital of Canada,” is a vibrant four-season community that places a strong emphasis on snowmobiling. It offers a diverse selection of lodging options, an array of activities, and comprehensive services tailored to snowmobilers’ needs.

See You On The Snow This Season

Simon Rizzardo

Vice-President MSC