Merritt Snowmobile Club 

"Sled 'N Heaven!!!"

The Merritt Snowmobile Club was incorporated by the BC Societies Act on April 5 1972.  The M.S.C. promotes safe family snowmobiling with riding areas on Thynne Mountain, Stoyoma Mountain, Honeymoon Lakes and the Hooshum Ridge  by maintaining a trail system that has been approved and is part of a management agreement with the Province of B.C.


*Dec.11 2016, Thynne, snow is waist deep, but needs to set up to give a good base

*Nov.15 2016, Finally starting to see signs of winter here in Merritt, hopefully the hills are getting a good dump!!

*Sep.19 2016, Starting to see some white in the hills

*Mar.27 2016, Honeymoon 6 inches new snow throuhout the day and still snowing when we left

*Mar.1 ,2016, Weather Forecast A necessary reset is on its way, we're entering a prolonged period of cold, wet storm systems. TUESDAY: light snow overnight becoming heavy through the day with accumulations of up 30 cm expected, moderate to strong southerly winds 1500m freezing level. WEDNESDAY: heavy snow continues overnight with another 10-20cm expected before the snow stops in the morning, light southwesterly winds, 1500m freezing level. THURSDAY light to moderate snow with moderate southwest winds, 1500m freezing level.

*Feb.12 2016, Forecast for tonight and this weekend 15-25cm of new snow

*Jan.17 2016, Thynne, 5ft base at Tinshed with 12"fresh snow

*Jan.17 2016, Honeymoon, 18"+ fresh snow

*Dec.17 2015, Honeymoon, 12-18"snow at 24k, 3ft+ honeymoon wood shelter, honeymoon 4-6ft, lots of untouched powder. Use Caution some open creek beds and deep holes,3 trees down on the road up fron 24k to honeymoon.

*Dec.13 2015, Thynne, 6"fresh snow in the parking lot, and probably around 12" fresh up higher

*Dec.12 2015, Looks like we'll be getting a good snowfall tonight and tomorrow, up to 35cm


*Dec.28 2018, Tin shed and both sides of Andy's lake have been groomed *Dec.30 2016, Prospect and Thynne have been groomed

*Dec.11 2016, Groomers have been moved up to Thynne and prospect, and grooming has begun on Thynne

*Mar.19 2016, Prospect, Prospect groomed from 24k to last cut block in honeymoon.

*Feb.19 2016, Thynne, groomed thynne to tin shed and to Andys lake.

*Feb.4 2016, Prospect, Groomed from 24k to the last cut block in honeymoon.

*Jan.14 2016, Thynne, Groomed out to 30km thynne henning today should be like a freeway this weekend!

*Jan.7 2016, Thynne, groomed from 7.5 to above the tin shed and back to the loop to 11.5 then to 22.5 Thynne, Henning and back.

*Dec.23 2015, Thynne, groomed from 7.5km to Andys lake and toward Henning 20km

*Dec.20 2015, Thynne, groomed to the first tower and to andys lake and snowing hard to about 12k on the way down

*Dec.18 2015, Thynne, Brooks creek groomed to the creek at the Brooks lake rec site and groomer moved up to 7km

*Dec.13 2015, Groomer on Thynne moved up to 2k, Grooming of the trails will be starting this week, when parking please do not block the groomer

*Nov.20 2015, Fellow riders...... The grooming program will be starting soon! Once we are up and running, up to date conditions will be posted regularly. Until then feel free to provide your own report of the conditions, parking and any hazards on our Facebook page. And if you are going to ride during the week and do not have a VHF radio please try to follow some one that does (ie a logging truck). We are planning to have two additional parking lots on Thynne as they as they are logging. We will have one a 2km at the brooks creek fsr and one at 7.5km for the Upper Mcfail fsr. On the prospect side the parking lot will be at 24km until they are finished logging and we can groom to cabin lake and honey moon


*Feb.16 2018, ATTENTION SLEDDERS!!!! ⛄⛄⛄ The Merritt Snowmobile Club is looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to fill the positions of Club Secretary and Web administrator. If you would like to volunteer or get more information contact Adam McDonald, Adam Douthwright, or myself Tom Loudon for more information.

*Dec.30 2016, We Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a Happy New Year

*Dec.16 2016, Just to let everyone know, Membership and Trail pass fees ($20) are in effect starting this weekend, Saturday December 17. If you haven't already purchased your yearly membership you can still stop in at Nicola Valley Motorsport, Napa Auto Pro, or Franks Mechanical.

*Dec.16 2016, There is active logging on Thynne mountain. Tolko has made us a parking lot at 10k to park. If you have vhf/two way radio in your Truck use the road channel RR19. Follow someone in and watch out for Logging Trucks/Plow trucks. Do not block the main road! There will be active hauling during the week-days so for SAFETY reasons Please do not ride on the FSR from 0km up. Thanks MSC.

*Sep.19 2016, The BCSF has secured several prizes for people that renew their memberships prior to November 30th including:
* A full sled Wrap donated by the Decal Den
* $500 gas card donated by Northland Dodge
* CKX Titan Helmet donated by Kimpex

*Sep.13 2016, Attention Sledders, we would like to remind everyone we are having our Annual General Meeting, tomorrow night, September 13th,(Tuesday) 7pm at the Merritt Civic center. So come on out and see what’s happening. We hope to see everyone there.

*Sep.17-18 2016, Work party to paint and finnsh cleaning up Andys lake shelter,if your around help us out, contact Frank Douthwright or Adam Mcdonald for details.

*Aug.21 2016, Repairs and renovations finished on Andys lake shelter.

*Aug.17 2016, The Merritt Snowmobile Club is having a Camp out / work party this weekend, 20-21 aug./Sat. Sun. up at Andys lake. Anyone interested in coming out and helping out would be greatly appreciated. For more information Contact Frank Douthwright or Adam McDonald

*Apr.11 2016, Come on out and have your say. We would like to remind everyone of the club meeting this Tuesday April 12th at the Merritt Civic Center at 7pm. It is important for members to come out to the club meetings to see what is being planned for the club in the future. We need your input and help, we are not asking for a full time commitment, or for you to show up to every meeting or work party, but the occasional participation goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. We have great riding areas available to us, just because the snow is melting and we are summerizing our sleds doesn't mean the work stops, the club still operates during the summer months getting things ready for the upcoming season. We hope to see you there Tuesday

*Mar.28 2016, FOUND!!! Sledding equipment found on the trail at approx 30k going to honeymoon. If you are missing anything from your ride and were sledding up there on the 25 or 26 march contact me 250-378-8740

*Mar.22 2016, Attention. Sundays Ride for Spring Fling, there will not be any charges for grooming or trail passes, there will be 50/50 tickets and poker hands at 24k.

*Feb.26 2016, Prospect,Attention sledders, there will be a dozer working on Prospect from 9k to 24k, Saturday Feb 27 please drive with caution!

*Feb.24 2016, We are having a trail work party this Saturday Feb 27 at honeymoon to fix the trail from the treeline to the cabin. We need some volunteer's to help us

*Feb.12 2016, Anyone heading to Honeymoon/Stoyoma wanting to drive past the 9 km parking lot will need a set of tire chains, the hill from 9 km is all ice bottom to top.

*Feb.9 2016, Logging is finished on Thynne

*Feb.4 2016, Prospect collections and trail passes will start this weekend.

*Jan.17 2016, The Merritt Snowmobile Club would like to thank everyone that came and participated in the Chilli Ride Yesterday. The winner of the best poker hand was Adam Douthwright with 4 9s' and the winner of the 50/50 draw was Rhonda Hyatt with ticket #757878. Both have donated their winnings to the club, Thankyou very much!!

*Dec.19 2015, Starting Saturday the 19th, the Brookmere collection hut will be operational and we will be collecting trail fees.

*Dec.10 2015, Polaris Recall

*Dec.8 2015, Logging is finished on Prospect


*Nov. 7 2015, Completed construction of collection hut for Thyne mtn.

*Sept. 21 2015, trail brush clearing finished on Thynne

*Aug. 2015, Front entry addition and repairs done at tin shed



If you have information about the snow conditions up at the hills, something for the bulletin board (ie. lost and found, stolen or some other announcement) , or a comment/suggestion for the website, let us know.

We appreciate your input .

Thank you for contacting us.
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Mountain Weather Forecast

Camera: Comstock
Comstock - Hwy 5 at Comstock Rd, about 15 km south of Merritt, looking north.
Camera: Larson Hill
Larson Hill - Hwy 5 at Larson HIll, 36 km south of Merritt, looking north.
Camera: Mine Creek
Mine Creek - Hwy 5 southbound, at Mine Creek Rd, looking south.
Camera: Britton Creek - N
Britton Creek - N - Hwy 5, by Britton Creek Rest Area northbound turnoff, looking north.
Camera: Britton Creek - S
Britton Creek - S - Hwy 5, by Britton Creek Rest Area northbound turnoff, looking south.
Camera: Coquihalla Lakes
Coquihalla Lakes - Hwy 5, 61km south of Merritt, looking north.
Camera: Coquihalla Summit - N
Coquihalla Summit - N - Hwy 5, about 7 km north of Zopkios Brake Check, looking north.
Camera: Coquihalla Summit - S
Coquihalla Summit - S - Hwy 5, about 7 km north of Zopkios Brake Check, looking south.
Camera: Zopkios Southbound - S
Zopkios Southbound - S - Hwy 5, southbound at Zopkios Rest Area, near the Coquihalla Summit, looking south.
Camera: Zopkios Northbound - N
Zopkios Northbound - N - Hwy 5, northbound at Zopkios Rest Area, near the Coquihalla Summit looking north.
Camera: Coquihalla Great Bear Snowshed
Coquihalla Great Bear Snowshed - Great Bear Snowshed looking north.
Camera: Box Canyon - N
Box Canyon - N - Hwy 5, near Box Canyon Rest Area, looking north.
Camera: Box Canyon - S
Box Canyon - S - Hwy 5, near Box Canyon Rest Area, looking south.
Camera: Portia - N
Portia - N - Hwy 5, by northbound Portia Chain Up, looking north.
Camera: Portia - S
Portia - S - Hwy 5, by northbound Portia Chain Up, looking south.
Camera: Brenda Mine - E
Brenda Mine - E - Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector) about 22km west of 97/97C Jct, looking east.
Camera: Brenda Mine - W
Brenda Mine - W - Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector) about 22km west of 97/97C Jct, looking west.
Camera: Elkhart - W
Elkhart - W - Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector) 25 km east of Hwy 5A/97C Jct, looking west.
Camera: Elkhart - E
Elkhart - E - Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector) 25 km east of Hwy 5A/97C Jct, looking east.
Camera: Pennask Summit
Pennask Summit - Hwy 97C, 74km west of Kelowna, looking east.
Camera: Aspen Grove
Aspen Grove - Hwy 97C at Hwy 5A Junction, near Aspen Grove, looking south.
Camera: Helmer Lake
Helmer Lake - Hwy 5, 24 km north of Merritt at Helmer Interchange, looking north.
Camera: Walloper
Walloper - Hwy 5, 23 km South of Kamloops, looking north.
Camera: Highland Valley Rd
Highland Valley Rd - Hwy 97C, at Highland Valley Rd, about 61 km north of Merritt and 46 km south of Ashcroft, looking north.
Camera: Princeton
Princeton - Hwy 3 at Frontage Rd on the west side of Princeton, looking south.
Camera: Jackass Mnt. Summit
Jackass Mnt. Summit - Hwy 1 at Jackass Mt. Summit, between Boston Bar and Lytton, looking north.
Camera: Boston Bar - S
Boston Bar - S - Hwy 1 at Kahmoose Rd, 12 km north of Boston Bar, looking south.