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Thynne Mt. (Brookmere)

  • Site Description: A snowmobile trail system with fees maintained by the Merritt Snowmobile Club. The majority of the trail is groomed and signed and proceeds up onto Thynne Mountain via the Thynne Forest Service Road where two shelters are also maintained by the club; The Tin Shed and the Andy’s Lake Emergency Shelter, the latter located on the north shore of Andy’s Lake. Please respect these buildings and keep things tidy and bring all garbage home with you.
  • Driving Directions: The Merritt Snowmobile Club maintains a parking lot / staging area a short distance past the community of Brookmere and the 0 km mark of the Thynne Mountain Forest Service Road. Please park around the outside edge of the parking lot. No camping and no fires at the parking lot.

GPS Points of Interest

Thynne Mt Area


Brookmere Parking Lot  49°48’43.20″N       120°51’26.69″W

2km Brooks Cutoff         49°48’8.49″N          120°50’34.30″W

7km Thynne                   49°46’4.07″N          120°52’0.38″W

10 km Thynne                49°45’16.40″N         120°54’7.03″W

Andy Lake Junction       49°45’1.40″N           120°55’34.49″W

Andy’s Lake Shelter       49°44’49.21″N         120°55’41.43″W

Andy Lake Enter Trail    49°44’56.58″N         120°55’51.21″W

Tin Shed Shelter            49°43’49.18″N         120°55’39.59″W

BC Hydro Tower             49°43’37.46″N         120°55’54.55″W

Cat Hill                            49°42’22.21″N         120°55’33.35″W

Thynne Mt Top               49°42’7.73″N           120°55’21.92″W

Short Cut                        49°44’22.10″N         120°55’20.87″W

Fence Line Cutoff           49°44’51.50″N          120°55’14.49″W

Fence Line Bottom          49°45’25.58″N         120°54’41.55″W

Upper Fence Line            49°43’47.22″N         120°55’9.99″W

4 Corners                         49°42’17.88″N         120°57’27.49″W

The Burn                          49°41’38.62″N         120°57’52.83″W

Start of Henning Trail       49°40’32.32″N         120°57’52.89″W

Stoyoma, Honeymoon, Hooshum Ridge

  • Site Description: An 86 kilometres snowmobile trail network with fees maintained by the Merritt Snowmobile Club. All fees go towards grooming, trail and cabin maintenance and safety programs. Note there is some avalanche terrain and chutes in the area so it is wise to review the avalanche conditions and terrain/snow conditions prior to sledding and periodically through the day. There is the Honeymoon Cabin located in the area. Please respect this cabin and keep things tidy and bring all garbage home with you.
  • Driving Directions: Proceed west for about 15 minutes along Highway 8 from Merritt. Watch for signs indicating snowmobile trails and turn left onto the Spius Creek Road. Continue on this road, past the fish hatchery, over the bridge and continue on the main road for 7.5km where there is a gravel pit and a large trail kiosk(9k). Park and unload your sleds here or continue to the 12km parking lot or 24km depending if the road is plowed. Review the avalanche terrain and trail map and proceed further up the road by sled to the trail system.
  •  If the road is plowed or otherwise driveable beyond the gravel pit you may also park your vehicle and unload at or near 24k. It is recommended to carry chains and be aware there are limited areas to turn around before 24k. Regulations prohibit the driving of snowmobiles on plowed or otherwise driveable roads.

GPS Points of Interest

Stoyoma, Honeymoon, Hooshum Ridge Area


Parking at 9km               50° 5’25.78″N   121° 3’41.27″W

12km Parking                  50° 4’17.34″N   121° 3’55.22″W

18km                                 50° 1’26.57″N  121° 5’30.58″W

24km                                50° 2’37.89″N  121° 9’1.18″W

Short Cut                         50° 4’15.47″N  121°13’13.52″W

Turn To Honeymoon1   50° 4’2.13″N    121°15’30.77″W

Turn To Honeymoon2   50° 4’9.49″N     121°15’55.55″W

Honeymoon Cabin          50° 1’20.25″N   121°17’17.90″W

Cabin Lake                        49°58’29.84″N  121°13’15.60″W’

WebCam WiFi Site          50°3’13.90″N  121°15’19.90″W’

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