Tourism Nicola Valley

Tourism Nicola Valley is recognized as an industry-leading Community and Regional Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). As outlined in our constitution and bylaws, the vision of Tourism Nicola Valley Society is: To support and market the tourism destination of Merritt and The Nicola Valley in a sustainable manner that strengthens the local economy, and enriches the quality of life; to advise, approve and implement the overall marketing direction and strategies on broad tourism issues affecting Merritt and The Nicola Valley to seek funding opportunities and manage funding for the support and marketing of tourism in Merritt and The Nicola Valley.

Experience Merritt

“Award-winning interactive website for planning and booking accommodations, restaurants, small businesses, attractions and more. Experience Merritt is part of Nicola Valley’s award winning booking & planning platforms and training programs. The Experience Merritt website is an interactive travel website, always updating in real time, and used for booking accommodations, restaurants and attractions… as well as, the website is ideal for planning adventures using authentic stories, events, photos,  videos, maps, weather, and… park, river, and lake information pages for over 35+ different adventures enjoyed during our spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.”

All sledders welcome to the Nicola Valley!

Are you a certified snowmobile addict who looks forward to snowmobiling in Merritt BC? Then you are on the right track if you are reading this. Sledding in Merritt BC Canada is truly a fantastic adventure for snow chasers.  They tell us. Furthermore, the local snowmobile club takes great care of providing well-groomed backcountry sled trails. Not to mention that the Nicola Valley offers a wintery mix of weather which is good for hitting the trails by sled.


We are a team of community story tellers (some refer to us as bloggers) who enjoy sharing our Merritt adventures and experiences as we explore throughout the Nicola Valley region of  Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. However, all of us come from various backgrounds with our own personal passions and interests.  Therefore, as a group,  it is our mission to inspire, educate and share with you the many experiences we enjoy here in Nicola Valley as we work, play and live every day to its fullest.