Merritt Snowmobile Club

Canadian Snowmobiler Code of Ethics

I understand and accept the risks associated with snowmobiling and I will take responsibility for my own actions.
As a responsible snowmobiler:

· I will ride in a manner that is a credit to our recreation.
· I will influence other snowmobilers to adhere to this Code of Ethics.
· I will respect the rights of others, including property owners and other outdoor enthusiasts.
· I will protect and preserve our natural environment.
· I will ride in a responsible manner.
· I will not harass or harm wildlife or the natural surroundings.
· I will minimize my impact on the environment.
· I will ride smart, be prepared, and stay in control.
· I will check ice and weather conditions before riding.
· I will help those in distress.
· I will obey all laws and rules governing our recreation.
· I will promote proper snowmobile education and training.
· I will practice Zero Tolerance with respect to impaired riding.